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The CannaCauses Foundation

Proudly presents in conjunction with,
DERR Education Podcast & Midtown Neurology

Cannabis Therapy 101: The ABCs of CBD and THC


Friday May 13, 2022
12:30 to 1pm and 5:30 to 8pm


Wellstar AMC - 310 Blvd. NE
2nd Floor - Employee Integrated Health Space

Pay it Forward

A $10 charitable donation is due upon registering.
100% of all proceeds go to the Atlanta Public Library System.

Donation Includes:

Cannabis Education | Cannabis Jeopardy | Refreshments

“CannaCauses provides GA healthcare workers and medical patients comprehensive cannabis therapy education and helps patients secure safe access to the medicine they need”.

Dr. Mishu

Midtown Neurology

“Your commitment to helping people with MS and other conditions through Cannabis Therapy is of great interest to our medical team”. to the medicine they need”.

Dr. Ben Thrower

Shepherd Center

Sponsored by:

“Everyone deserves the medicine they need.”

Guest Speaker:

Aryn Sieber, Founder | CannaCauses Foundation
Author | Educator | Cannabis Pioneer

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