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"Everyone Deserves The Medicine They Need"

– Aryn Sieber

CannaCauses Founder, Aryn Seiber
Published - International Journal of MS, 2020
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Our Mission

To pay it forward by emphasizing relations that result in the effective growth of others regarding the responsible use of cannabis and its therapeutic benefits. To serve as, a credible source and resource for education and scientific information and to support like-minded nonprofits performing generally charitable activities for the most vulnerable and heroic among us, which include but not limited to essential works, the underserved, seniors, veterans, and the homeless.


A real-world discussion on:

The Effects of CBD:THC Tincture Oil Reducing Symptoms & Overall Symptom Management Medication Dosages, in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis


Ben Thrower, MD
Jacqueline Rosenthal, MD
Kristine Werner
Aryn Sieber

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Cannabis Therapy Consultations

Potency, ratio, and dosing depend on the individual and the condition and symptoms being treated. We provide expert consultations for your specific medicinal cannabis needs.

We have been collecting data and doing research on hundreds of patients suffering from a wide array of conditions such as; Arthritis, Chronic Pain, MS, Parkinsons, Cancer, Migraines, Neuropathy, Spasticity, and Anxiety to name a few.

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Awards & Accolades

  • KUSH Cup 2014 Best Indica
  • HEMPCON 2015 Best Indica Flower 
  •  Chalice Festival 2015 Flower Highest Terpene Content
  • HEMPCON 2015 1st Place Connoisseurs Choice Flower
  • LNE & SPA’S Best Product 2018 Winner
  • LNE & SPA’S Best Product 2019 Winner
  • Best CBD Skincare Product 2020 Dermascope Magazine

Cannacauses Founder Aryn Sieber Accepting The 2014 Kush Cup Best Indica Award

CBD 4Pets
"Everyone Deserves The Medicine They Need"

Topically can help alleviate itching and dry skin conditions and help heal open sores and wounds. Ingested can help relieve all of the same disease related symptoms humans suffer from.  

Research & Education

Award Winning CBD Essentials

Produced with proprietary terpene rich feminized CBD flower; designed to provide daily support for a healthy you. CBD Essentials can help reduce inflammation and relieve muscle & joint pain, spasticity, neuropathy, arthritis and dry skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema.

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